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Sandalwood Cologne Boxers

Sandalwood Cologne Boxers

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Just released Nov 5, 2021 our one-of-a-kind cologne scented boxers that retain their smell wash after wash. This is a Sandalwood scent with a touch of heavenly Vanilla to give it depth, warmth, and a modern scent. We are working with the same brand that has made scented clothing for Victoria's Secret. If you don't like the scent, we'll refund your money and you can keep the boxers!


So is this idea crazy? We don't know, but we had to try it!


This is NOT scratch and sniff. The ink itself has a coating of microscopic bubbles that each contain a tiny portion of scent. As the fabric moves, the bubbles break, releasing the fragrance. You don't have to do anything to activate it. We know the logo is a little large for some, but the scent is in the ink so we really didn't have a choice.


We like wearing the boxers because they last all day long, long after cologne would fail. It also makes laundry and suitcases smell great.  We hope you'd like to give it a shot and provide us some feedback.


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Features: False Fly, Covered Elastic Waistband, Longer Outseam

Fabrication: 100% Cotton

Boxer Manufacturer: BoxerCraft

Scented Ink Manufacturer: Durascent

How long does it last?
If the boxer just sits and is stored in say a drawer the scent will last 1 to 2 years. Of course, you'll want to wear it and wash it. It will last 8-12 washes before the scent starts to fade if you follow our washing instructions. Eventually, the fragrance will be gone, but you'll still have an awesome boxer.
What are the washing instructions?
To ensure maximum effectiveness of the scent, wash separately in warm water. Air or tumble dry (low temperature).  Use a fragrance-free detergent. The biggest thing is you have to avoid extreme heat, hence the warm wash and tumble or air dry. 
Did you add a bunch of weird chemicals to my boxer?
No, the fragrance is essential oils and the coating is plastisol which is in the same category as most printed apparel inks.
What about the sizing?
These are sized like a normal boxer. The smooth-covered elastic waist is very forgiving.