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Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood
Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood
Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood
Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood
Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood
Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood

Special Offer Eau De Cologne Sandalwood

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Our All Natural Eau De Cologne matching the fragrance of our signature lip balm.

Our lip balm is amazing, but it's a subtle fragrance and sometimes you want to be more bold. This all natural cologne contains only coconut oil and essential oils. That's right, we skip the alcohol (skin drying, smells horrible) and the chemicals. What's left is all natural oils that create a smooth and refined scent for the modern man. We aren't the first to do this by far, it's quite common now in modern perfumary..... for a reason.

The Eau De Cologne features the essential oils of sandalwood, nutmeg, lavender, patchouli, and bergamot. The coconut oil base is great for your skin and nearly odorless. We take the best smells in nature and combine them so you smell 100% refined. 

The fragrance was made by our friends over at www.Scentcrafters.com. the lovely ladies there spent a ton of time helping us come up with the perfect fragrance that men will enjoy and women will love. Check out the reviews here and on Facebook, most people love our signature fragrance.

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The fragrance comes with a dropper so it's better. Why? You can put the fragrance directly on your pulse points. You don't want to spray and pray with cologne and get it everywhere, after ordering we'll send you a guide about why that's wrong scientifically. Additionally we'll let you know the best way to wear a cologne.

Coconut Oil, Fragrance

120 ML / 4.00 FL OZ For The Large Bottle, 30 ML / 1.00 FL OZ For The Small Bottle

Made in the USA. Dean & Fifth, LLC. ​​​

What does it smell like?
Exactly like our lip balm, just much stronger. It contains sandalwood, nutmeg, lavender, patchouli, and bergamot. 
Is the fragrance natural?
Yes, we only use pure plant-based essential oils.
Why not alcohol?
Alcohol is used in fragrance because it slowly evaporates and carries the scent into the air with it. However, it smells horrible going on, dries out the skin, and the spray causes fragrance to go everywhere you don't want it. We'll send you a guide via email after ordering about the best way to wear cologne. Most people do it wrong.
What sizes are avalaible? ​​​​​
We have a 1 ounce bottle which is good for about 60 days if applying 6 drops twice a day. Then we also offer a 4 ounce bottle which is a 240 day supply. It's not a spray so it lasts alot longer.
What if I don't like it?
Let us know via email, Facebook, or Instagram. We'll refund you in full. No return necessary. We want you to try it, if you don't like it that's on us.